The Society for World Philosophies

Projection of the globe.

This society has been established in conjunction with Indiana University Press’s book series in World Philosophies, edited by Bret W. Davis, D. A. Masolo, and Alejandro A. Vallega. By the locution “world philosophies” is meant any contribution to philosophy that draws on sources from the many philosophically rich traditions of the world. We are especially interested in contemporary work that brings sources from one or more of the various traditions of Asian, Latin and Pre-Columbian American, Caribbean, Africana, and Islamic philosophy into critical and fruitful dialogue with sources from Continental and other strands of the Western tradition of philosophy. We are also interested in South-South dialogues. Bret Davis and Alejandro Vallega serve as the Co-Directors of the Society. Annual meetings are held as a satellite session at the annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.